dotCross Coffee Project

Appreciation of coffee and everything around it, updates daily around 9pm CT.
Based in but not restricted to Hyde Park, Chicago

First ever dotCross Coffee Pourover Bar

Join us for dotCross Coffee Project’s first pourover bar! We’re featuring 2 Counter Culture coffees, the Baroida (Papua New Guinea) and the Nueva Llusta (Bolivia), and we’re brewing it completely FREE for you - though we’ll have a donation box with proceeds going to the Seeds fund by Counter Culture Coffee, which goes to programmes supporting coffee growing communities.

Just come down (up) to HARPER CAFE (3rd floor, Harper, East Tower) this coming Tuesday the 30th from 3-5pm, where we have our pop-up bar. Try one (or even two ) great coffees, hand brewed individually and specially on the spot for you.Taste coffee like you’ve never tasted it before: like dried cherries, raisins, sundried tomatoes (!)

We’d LOVE it if you would stay and chat with our baristas to find out more about coffee. And we’d put good money on you finding out something you didn’t know about coffee; be it about how the beans are made, or how its brewed, or even how it’s drunk around the world. Hell, we’ll give you free coffee if you don’t.

Coffee’s always better with friends, so grab a friend or two and come over.

We’re making good on our promise to bring better coffee appreciation to campus. Thanks for supporting us for the Uncommon Fund 2013 and watch out for the Coffee Appreciation Workshop.

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