dotCross Coffee Project

Appreciation of coffee and everything around it, updates daily around 9pm CT.
Based in but not restricted to Hyde Park, Chicago

We are in the Maroon!

The student run newspaper of UChicago covered our first ever pour over bar held on Tuesday! It was a great event for all of us, having the chance to brew and talk to people about coffee. I think the article captured very well what we were trying to do: to change how we think about coffee. And we hope that the Nueva Llusta (brewed with an infusion Aeropress with its dried raisins and chocolate favors), along with the Tairora (brewed with a v60 drip) provided a small insight into what great coffee is and what coffee could be.

We are very thankful for the support that Counter Culture Coffee (which already provides for Logan) has provided, not just in terms of the coffee beans but also in terms of the training that they provided. Great folks (hey Josh, Rich and Chad)! They also run a free coffee cupping session every Friday at 10am, which is wonderful because it helps us develop our palates. Having great pastries made specially for the cupped coffees doesn’t hurt either. Aaron and I head down every Friday for the cuppings and if any of you are keen on seeing what it’s like, you’re welcome to join us! It’s a great experience and even though I’ve been down a couple of times it always blows my mind.

We collected a total of $24.50 in terms of donations, with more money being collected from the Nueva Llusta (yay!). The reason why we have a donation box there is because as much as we think free coffee is wonderful, we also want everyone to understand that there is no such thing as a free coffee. A tremendous amount of work goes into each and every cup: from the growers, the pickers, the processing to the roasting and the brewing, and none of that can ever be free. The donations will go towards the SEEDs program, which is a fund run by Counter Culture Coffee, meant to support projects to improve quality of life in coffee growing communities such as Honduras or Burundi. Twice a year, coffee growers and its communities can apply for funding for various projects, such as water filtration systems or school buildings, which are funded up to $5000 a project. The fund was a total of $24,000 last year and our donation box is a way to giving back to the community that has provided the wonderful coffee that we can all enjoy.

In addition, we will be having a coffee workshop sometime in week 8, probably a Saturday or a Sunday, so watch out for it. We have limited space available, but don’t worry if you can’t make this one, come back after summer and you’ll definitely get the chance too!